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Joint venture for peace: women creating peace

Joint Ventures for Peace brings together Palestinian and Israeli women entrepreneurs and artists to work as equal partners and create a unique discourse on peace. This project, seeks to break down some of the barriers between Israelis and Palestinians, and to create peace on the ground. This was established by the Shorouq Society for Women (www.shorouqsociety.org) and The Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development – NISPED (www.nisped.org.il).

The project increased the income of women in both Palestine and in Israel through the production of handicraft and other items and marketing them in Israel, Palestine Authority and abroad. Through training and mentoring the women in the following areas: entrepreneurship and basic business skills; upgrading of design and production, quality control and packaging, marketing and promotion, as well as the logistics of cross-border commerce.

(Source: This is based on “Joint Venture for Peace: women creating peace”,  GSME News, Nov.2009,Dr. Julia Chaitin)

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