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Street entrepreneurs: How much a street vendor earns In India?

By K S Ahluwalia


So there is a vada pav (popular snack in Maharashtra) stall all across the state. I observed one of them carefully to understand better its business model.

About 5 people seem to work there. They open up their stall at about 4pm and work till 10.30pm.

I observed the output (number of items sold) in 30 minutes.

So he sells apart from Vada pav, other items like – samosa, samosa pav, bhajji pav.

Although the hot selling one is vada pav– which is indeed tasty I must say.

So for ease of calculation let us consider they sell only vada pav so that we get a margin.

One Vada pav costs INR 15. And in those 30 minutes I counted them, roughly selling 6 Vada pavs, a minute.

So considering there is a margin of INR 7 per Vada pav

Working hours 5 hrs 30mins — 330mins. Per min – 6 Vada pavs — total 1980 vada pavs

Margin – 7 INR. Net profit- 7×1980= INR 13,860

And they work every day. Per month- 13,860 x30 = INR 4,15,800

This divided by 5 people gives about 83,160 per person per month!!

Not bad at all!! Lucrative career option you would say.

Edit 1: So I have to consider the ‘hafta’ which they pay the local bodies- so after some research, I have found that it is around 300–400 per day , so roughly 10.5k a month, divided by 5, which is 2.1 k per head.

So 83,160 –2,100 =81,060. Still pretty good.

Edit 2: margin of INR 7 is calculated as- again it’s a rough estimate

Potato per kg in the city is INR 30, so per vada they maybe hardly using 100g, so 3 INR

Pav costs 1.50 INR (wholesale rate)

Other ingredients (all in miniscule amounts as one vada doesn’t contain much) – viz coriander, garlic, chilly, besan, oil, turmeric, salt- 2.5 INR

Total is 7 INR.

Plus garlic chutney and green chutney (both less than half a teaspoon) – 1 INR. Total 8 INR

Cost of vada pav is 15 INR, so a rough estimate of 7 INR per item is profit. 50% net margin

I hope that clears any doubt.

Your call now folks


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