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An inclusive identity for India: Towards Bharatiya Dharma Rajya

 By Anita Joseph Koshy

‘Bharatiya Dharma Rajya’ the book by  Swami Sachidnanda Bharati, presents a vision for a new India, which is an inclusive vision.

India’s identity should not be contained within the narrow canvas of religion and other man made frameworks. Instead, the country should hold out the hope of a better tomorrow, as a light and beacon of light and righteousness.  Given its diversity, the country has the potential to contain individuals of all faiths, so there is hardly any need to demarcate India as a Hindu Rashtra, Christian Country or an Islamic Republic.

He calls for adopting a liberation spirituality of love, a holistic philosophy of peace, a spiritual purification and a moral regeneration programme. The book lucidly presents this  vision.

Swami Sachidanda Bharati

 Bharatiya Dharma Rajya will be a land and light of righteousness on the earth wherein Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, Jews, Bahais and all other citizens of India can live together peacefully and happily as members of one large joint-family bound by a common destiny.

Bharatiya Dharma Rajya will spiritualize economics, politics, and religions and make them integral parts of one socio-spiritual reality. She will be free forever from the dehumanizing poverty and hunger, from the oppressive caste system, from the all-pervasive corruption and from the divisive communalism of all sorts. She will be crowned as the mother of love and princess of peace in the world family of nations.” P. 52

It is a book highly recommended for every one keen on India’s future.

Bharatiya Dharma Rajya’, By Swami Sachidnanda Bharati
Published by Media House , 375 A, Pocket 2, Mayur Vihar Phase-1,Delhi
Price: INR: 250/-, Pages:200.

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