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New B2B marketplace for SMEs

 iConnect Business Pvt Ltd has announced that it will soon launch iConnect, a global B2B managed marketplace for worldwide SMEs to seamlessly trade with each other. iConnect will be an end-to-end solution provider to trade across borders and enable MSMEs to get access to import-export data from 200+ countries, find genuine trade counterparts and trade service providers, take trade experts advisory and find end-to-end support to export and import products globally.

iConnect Business Pvt Ltd is already working towards empowering and enabling Indian SMEs and SMBs to trade globally through its integrated trade platformConnect2India. Sensing a need for a digitally managed marketplace, Connect2India was established in 2016 with a single mission to empower 65 million+ Indian MSMEs to go global. With 2.5 billion Global Trade Statistics, 2 Million+ Genuine Trade Counterparts and 1.6 Million+ Organic Visitors per month, Connect2India is making global trade simple and safe for Indian MSMEs.

iConnect is another offering from iConnect Business Pvt Ltd to make global trade transparent, more accessible and safer for worldwide SMEs. When fully launched, the new platform would work with over 10 Billion trade data records and more than 100 million counterparts’ trade history records. The demographics, culture, trade rules & regulations differ from country to country, so iConnect would have country-specific trading platforms similar to Connect2India

Studies show that MSMEs that use on-line platforms are around five times more likely to export than those in the traditional economy. MSMEs can increase revenue, reduce costs and risks and diversify the market segments with a safe and secure platform made available to them. IConnect is being launched with the objective of providing ease in finding global business opportunities with end-to-end assistance and mitigate risks for worldwide SMEs.

The World Trade of WTO Member countries was USD 39 Trillion in the year 2018-19. Further, the WTO Report 2018 foresees developing countries’ share in global trade to grow to 57 percent by 2030 with more technology diffusion in World MSMEs global trade eco-system. iConnect aims to enable the complete global trade ecosystem by bridging the knowledge & information gap, providing end-to-end global trade solution and building a strong network worldwide.

Pawan Gupta, Founder & CEO, Connect2India said, “The large enterprises constitute only 1 to 3% of total enterprises but do the majority of the trade, hence it becomes imperative that the Government, Banks, Technology Providers and Corporates together need to empower the MSMEs. We need to build their trust in credible managed marketplaces for increased profitability, operational efficiency, better customer engagement and mitigation of risk.”

He further shared, “After the successful set-up of Connect2India platform, we are taking another big step to bridge the gap between worldwide MSMEs and their global counterparts to trade in an easy and safe environment with iConnect. It will be a global B2B Managed Marketplace which besides giving extensive trade insights, will open doors for new businesses across countries to find global opportunities to import and export to their chosen destinations. It will hand-hold International SMEs for end-to-end transactions with their International counterparts for good and long trade standing trade relations. Further, we plan to diversify our operations across other countries with demography specific digital trade versions of Connect2India platform under the iConnect umbrella brand. These local versions of Connect2India platform will fill the gap for MSMEs around the globe to import / export locally as well as internationally.”

At the recently concluded International SME Convention 2019, MSME Minister, Shri. Nitin Gadkari reiterated the need of an online marketplace for ensuring the growth of the MSME sector in the country, thus bringing India closer to becoming a USD 5 trillion economy and USD 2 Trillion in global trade by 2025. 

iConnect is in beta phase now, available for select audience, with future versions scheduled for release later in Q3 2019

Connect2India is an integrated global trade platform that enables and empowers Indian SMEs to trade globally and overseas SMEs to trade with India. Connect2India is making trade safe and easy with technology and is helping SMEs to trade easily and effectively with its trade platform, worldwide trade network and end-to-end export/import solutions.

Connect2India provides a credible and holistic view on and for Indian and overseas SMEs, complements those with trade intelligence, competitive insights, unique predictive analytics, trade counterparts, expert trade resources etc. to build a complete solution for SME global expansion needs. It  is assisting businesses to become global entities by expanding their business globally.


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