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Recruitment start-up “WorkIndia”, to meet HR needs of SMEs

Swiggy has partnered with WorkIndia for recruiting delivery boys. WorkIndia, supports the major food delivery companies and cake shop companies like- Swiggy, Grab and Birdys respectively. A start-up HR recruitment company WorkIndia to focus on providing specialized recruitment services to MSMEs. Within the small-scale sector, WorkIndia further focuses on food delivery workers. Around ninety percent of the recruiting firms on ...

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EdTech startup eMaester to train women educators

eMaester plans to create an army of 50,000 women trainers by 2025 eMaester, a start-up EdTech company has introduced a unique program that would help train educated women to become certified trainers and educators. This is expected to help women, who often find it difficult to take up full time jobs in the corporate sector, due to various reasons, to ...

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Construction and Demolition Waste Management: Way forward for saving natural resources

There is a significant growth in population density in the urban and industrial towns. Even when new urban clusters are being created day by day, the population migrating and shifting to these newly created cities are also increasing.  Indeed every new cities that emerge start experiencing the pains of population overload soon it is created.  The impact of this phenomenon ...

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Green building practices: Key o future urban development

Bhavesh Jha, CEO Root Logix Economic development, expanding cities, increasing population in metropolises are altogether putting an additional burden on the urban economy as well as its natural and social environment.  The added up population will have to survive with the available natural environment (Air, Water, Soil) per capita.   The rapid urbanization has resulted in the environmental degradation and production ...

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Towards sustainable urban ecosystems: Green buildings and green performance indicators

Towards sustainable urban ecosystems: Green building and green performance indicators

Bhavesh Jha   Traditional architecture is energy efficient. “Green Building Practices” offer probable key towards a sustainable performance- based development model   The growing pace of urbanization and rising  population in urban centers , which is expected to grow from current 58 percent to 68 percent by 2050, can  significantly strain  urban infrastructure, natural and social environment. It has got ...

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WWDR 2019: Leaving no one behind

The United Nations world water development report 2019: leaving no one behind   The UN World Water Development Report is an annual thematic report, which focuses on ‘strategic water issues’ and offers tools to implement sustainable use of water resources. WWDR 2019, titled “leaving no one behind”, explores the question of inclusion in the accessibility of water resources for all. ...

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The Future of Water and Humanity

Water is a common resource for humanity. Water knows no boundaries. Learning how to manage water as a source of value calls for improved organisation, locally and national as well as in regard to cross-border relations. The need to collaboration may turn water from a source of conflict to a unifying factor. 

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