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25 Years of Reforms: MSE sector Sports a New Look

By. V.N. PRASAD* Its 25 years since the Government began dismantling the protective net over the head of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs). Apparently, MSE sector, though with some causality, has overcome the initial glitches of free-market economy policies.  The sector has no other option but to steer through the troubled waters. The Small Scale industry (SSI), the earlier avatar ...

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Make in India: Strengthen MSEs’ Support Machinery

By V. N PRASAD* The ‘Make in India’ programme of September 2014 to attract foreign and domestic investment in the indentified manufacturing sector and the more recent proposal for ‘Start-ups’ could spur development of Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) sector. The ‘Make in India’ and ‘Start-ups’ initiatives, augur well for MSE sector. For their success, the Government aims to establish ...

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Promoting MSEs via CSR

Test 2

By. V. N Prasad The 2014-notified Corporate social Responsibility (CSR) rules, under the Companies Act, mandating all corporate entities in the country with a “three-year average annual net profit” of Rs. five crore (50 million) and above  to spend two percent of it on CSR, can aid the development and growth of Micro and  Small Enterprises’ (MSEs) sector, if desired ...

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SUPPLY CHAIN – Indian Scenario

By J. S Lamba      Supply chain management is defined as “to plan and coordinate all activities necessary to achieve desired level of delivered service and quality at lowest possible cost”. The scope of logistics includes entire gamut of activities starting from the procurement and management of raw materials through delivery of final product to the end consumer. The ...

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Being Stuck Can Help Me Grow

By K. S  Ahluwalia After an accident, there is often a second of calm when you realize that you are seriously hurt. Memory captures the scene in fine detail, as if you’re hovering outside your skin, before pain and confusion pull you right back in. I can still see myself getting up from a fall, almost exactly thirteen years ago, dusting ...

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Changing voter profile and political agenda

By C.K Viswanath Voters of today comprise self-employed entrepreneurs, consumers and professionals. With the rapid socio-economic transitions around the world, propelled by technology especially Information and Communications Technology, voter profile is also in transition from a factory worker or a peasant to that of self-employed people, professionally qualified youth, women entrepreneurs and poorer people as members of self-help groups or ...

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Eco-Spiritual Foundations of Green Economy

Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi* I see economy as the physical expression of an authentic and practical spirituality. Few ‘gurus’ and books have greatly influenced in molding my thoughts in this direction during the initial stages of my spiritual quest that began soon after an encounter with death in an air accident in 1982. (I was a 35-year old Indian Air Force ...

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