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Office frustration? How performance barriers can be fixed and motivation can be translated into performance

K. S Ahluwalia If you think the typical frustrated office worker is probably just a slacker or a grump, think again. A majority of frustrated employees are actually dedicated and seemingly engaged workers who are frustrated because of organizational obstacles. A recent study conducted focuses on how to deal with these barriers to performance say that managers can make their teams ...

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Towards state funded – government aided hospitals

By P. Koshy The private sector hospitals in India offer abysmally low salaries to their staff nurses. Often they get much less than the minimum wages. Their compensationis notat par even with the farm wages and MGNRE rates, in most cases. There are also cases where private hospital managements force the nurses to deposit their nursing certificates as a condition ...

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Why Arguing about an Entrepreneur’s age misses the point

By. K. S  AHLUWALIA   Last week, Brock Blake made the case for why 20-somethings are the most successful entrepreneurs. He makes a valid argument describing several age-related factors that influence entrepreneurial behavior. Yet, he overlooks relevant research on the topic. In 2009, Kauffman published a report by a team of researchers who surveyed 549 company founders of successful businesses in ...

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The Wrath of a Great Leader

By K S Ahluwalia How Martin Luther King, Jr. wrestled with anger and what you can learn from his example. Average leaders focus on results, and that’s it. Good leaders focus also on the behaviors that will get the results. And great leaders focus, in addition, on the emotions that will drive these behaviors. One emotion that shapes our behavior ...

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Make in India: Strengthen MSEs’ Support Machinery

By V. N PRASAD* The ‘Make in India’ programme of September 2014 to attract foreign and domestic investment in the indentified manufacturing sector and the more recent proposal for ‘Start-ups’ could spur development of Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) sector. The ‘Make in India’ and ‘Start-ups’ initiatives, augur well for MSE sector. For their success, the Government aims to establish ...

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Festivals: an occasion of varied opportunities for many

By V. N Prasad   No other Country in the World can pride itself as a Country of festivals as India does, and why not, when people of diverse religious beliefs co-exist peacefully. India, indeed, is a land of festivals and each one of them is celebrated with equal gaiety, be it Ganesh chaturdhi or Dussera or Divali of Hindus, ...

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Empowering Women through Promotion of MSEs

By. V. N Prasad* Considering the size of women population in the world, and recognising that enough has not been done to chanalise the ‘women power’, countries around the world are looking at ways and means to empower them.  India is no exception to this. Empowering women does not mean merely ensuring jobs and a place in political system for ...

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