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Green building practices: Key o future urban development

Bhavesh Jha, CEO Root Logix Economic development, expanding cities, increasing population in metropolises are altogether putting an additional burden on the urban economy as well as its natural and social environment.  The added up population will have to survive with the available natural environment (Air, Water, Soil) per capita.   The rapid urbanization has resulted in the environmental degradation and production ...

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The Future of Water and Humanity

Water is a common resource for humanity. Water knows no boundaries. Learning how to manage water as a source of value calls for improved organisation, locally and national as well as in regard to cross-border relations. The need to collaboration may turn water from a source of conflict to a unifying factor. 

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MSEs: Agenda for New Government

Elections mean promises to woo voters, including players of the economic system. Both  the Indian national Congress (Congress) and the Bharatiya  Janta Party (BJP) specifically focused on micro, small and medium (MSME) sector in the 2019 general election to reinvigorate the economy, particularly the employment generation. Put together these (INC and BJP’s) ‘pledges’ sounded like mini Magna Carta for MSMEs.

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IndiaN retail sector at CROSSROADS

The debate of unorganized versus organized retail not only shifted to offline and online retail but all sorts of retail merged and emerged as one ‘New Retail’ The retail sector of India has been at crossroads and 2018 proved a significant year as it provided a clear direc­tion of the trajectory of retail says DHARMENDRA KUMAR   The retail sector ...

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South Asia region made gains to improve ease of doing business for MSMEs

“The reforms in India included streamlining the process of obtaining a building permit and improved building quality controls. The reform applies to both Delhi and Mumbai, the two cities covered by the Doing Business report. Starting a Business was made easier through consolidation of multiple application forms and introduction of a Goods and Service Tax (GST), while Getting Electricity was made faster and cheaper. Other ...

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Doing Business Report: New Record Set as 314 Reforms Introduced to Improve Business Climate Around the World

Doing Business Report 2019: Governments around the world set a new record in bureaucracy busting efforts for the domestic private sector, implementing 314 business reforms over the past year, says the World Bank Group’s Doing Business 2019: Training for Reform The reforms, carried out in 128 economies, benefit small and medium enterprises as well as entrepreneurs, enabling job creation and stimulating private ...

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