Month: August 2020

Navigating the new normal: a post-COVID approach for SMEs

IERD-Global SME News Webinar Series Thursday, 27th August 2020, 7.15 to 8.15 pm (ISD) Speakers:  Mr. Vignesh Jha: Maximizing rural industry potential  Mr.K. S Alhuwalia: Doubling business growth: some key strategies  Ms. Anita Joseph: Turn around the numbers: a fresh…

Amid Pandemic, Snowman Logistics posts Positive Q1 Results as EBITDA margin increases from 27% to 32.4%

nowman Logistics Ltd recorded a Revenue of INR 55.12 Crores against INR 62.07 Crores in Q1 FY19-20. The decline in revenue was attributable to the disruption in road transport due to migration of drivers, however the warehousing occupancy of the company increased due to a surge in demand for high quality temperature-controlled warehousing as a result of which the EBITDA increased to INR 17.87 Crores from INR 17.10 Crores in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

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