Month: March 2021

CK Vishwanath: Majority of voters are entrepreneurs, self-employed or gig-workers…

Changing voter profile is the end result the global economic transition and on the sidelines of that there are social and cultural implications. But how do political parties meet these emerging challenges and evolve?
The plain reality is that those parties that fail to respond to changing voter expectations, needs and aspirations or will get rejected. Left parties are particularly vulnerable in this sense and they could fall into this trap of voter rejection. Left political segments, often refuse to respond to the specific issues of the above mentioned new voter segments.

Countering Dynamic Insider Threats

New “Insider Threat Security as a Service” and “Insider Threat Program Assessments” offer customers protection from insider threats using unparalleled frontline incident response expertise and Mandiant Threat Intelligence

Dubai, the region’s fashion-forward capital: Ahmed Khalfan Yasin

“Millennial and Gen-Z entrepreneurs of the Middle East are trendsetters in their own right!” Culture, fashion, trends-these are the new buzzwords for today’s lifestyle youth entrepreneurs. Style-conscious, trendy and fearlessly maverick, their tastes and preferences vary and keep changing with…

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