Balancing the Rational and the Irrational

Mind is a very contradictory system. It works in polar opposites. But our thinking, our logical way of thinking, always chooses one part over the other. Hence logic proceeds in a non-contradictory way, and mind works in a contradictory way. Life works in opposites and logic works in a linear way – not in opposites.

Reflect: we posses both possibilities in our mind- to be angry to the extreme and to be silent, to the extreme.  If you are angry, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be non angry to the other extreme also.

But in logic, in thinking, if someone is capable of loving, we tend to believe that he is in capable of hate. And we transport this on ourselves- I love myself hence I am incapable of being hated. And in this fallacy, hate gets accumulated in us and one day it erupts like a volcano, destroying and shattering every story that we have deftly created.

Let’s get real – there is no one thing better or substituting the other. We need both the rational and irrational mind- in fact we need a total mind- belonging to no region, culture, sect or history.

And this is extremely challenging as most of us are attuned to one part of the mind. You can live neatly, cleanly, mathmatically, but if you want to live in both parts of the mind, then you have to live a very inconsistent life. Inconsistent superficially, but on a deeper layer you have consistency, a spiritual harmony. Thus the mind must have the ability to move in liquidity- not fixated anywhere, on anything.

Its awareness, sensitivity. Being authentic in the now.

A deep movement- freedom from fixations

Hence need to choose an entirely different quality of mind- where one is at ease with oneself, without choosing. Simply experiencing and savoring the experience. No past.  No future. Only present.

For example a tree grows; we can choose; we can cut down all the branches and allow the tree to grow in only one direction with one branch growing. It will be a poor tree, very poor and very ugly, and ultimately the tree is bound to experience great difficulty-as its branches cannot grow. It can grow only in a deep relationship with other branches- family of branches.

A tree to be really rich and growing must grow in all directions, opposite directions. Only then will the tree be rich, strong, multidimensional.

Likewise human spirit must evolve, grow like a tree and the old conception of being incapable of growing in opposite directions. We all can grow; really we can only grow when we grow in opposite directions.

Amusingly up till now, we have tried only the specialization route – growing in one specific direction. And one day something ugly happens. One grows in a specific direction, but then he lacks everything. He simply becomes one branch, not a tree, not a tree. And this branch is bound to be poor, bound to be poor.

And in reality. Is

To grow in opposite polarities – one needs to change the whole past into a new future. The whole past has been a fragmentary choice of human possibilities. We have never accepted the whole being.

Somewhere sex isn’t accepted, and then we deny something. Somewhere, the world is not accepted, and then we deny something. Somewhere, emotion is not accepted, and then we deny something. And most of the times we deny our own acceptance, consequently we deny our meaningful existence.

This denial has been the problem and we have never been so strong that we can accept everything that is human with no condemnation, and allow the human being to grow, in every direction. And the more you grow in opposite directions, greater would be the growth, the richness, and the inner affluence.

And abundance is bound to result.

The challenge is colossal, arduous, because this fragmentation, has now been my second skin – in fact my DNA. Consequently I cannot accept my anger, my physical urges, my body.

Reality is that I do not even accept my own self – I am either angry, or have too many questions, confusions on my very being. I am simply at arm’s length to my own self. A stranger to oneself.

Hence my mind is programmed to a denial mode – somewhere, something must be denied- something has to be bad, evil, unwarranted – something has to be sin. Consequently I go on cutting branches and ultimately I am not a tree, not an alive thing, just dead, because the fear of growing into branches which I have denied – they can again come up – much to my discomfort, disdain.

Thus I become fearful, everywhere suppressed. Then, a disease sets in; a sadness, a death.

So we go on to live partial lives which are more near to death than to life.

This acceptability of the total human potentiality and bringing everything in it to a peak without feeing inconsistency, any contradiction – really, if I cannot be authentically angry, I cannot be loving. But this has not been the attitude up to now.

We have been thinking that a person is more loving if he is incapable of anger.

And there lies the conflict.

Lastly: these are the walls created by me- not imposed by any other and only I can get rid of them, in the now

Let’s grow up – get real – start accepting and rejoicing the polarities, the dualities, the confusions. And when we do so, we get over them, cause reflection comes only when one works with a solution centric approach rather than a problem solving one

K.S Ahluwalia

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