A favorable exit

Kapil Sibal likely to emerge more powerful now that he is out of the Congress With the resignation of Kapil Sibal from the Congress party, it has lost a tall leader who has substantial clout and stature with national and…

Digital nomads: destination woes

While selecting a location, digital nomads and freelancers have to keep in mind that the location that they select is an open society that does not restrict internet use. It is also important for countries that promote digital nomad tourism…

Sri Lanka: channelizing human capital for diversification in the knowledge economy

Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has left its population faced with shortages in essential commodities, including life-saving medicines, and basic food items like rice and milk. While any crisis may be turned into an opportunity, for Lanka, this might be a…

India – UAE CEPA: opening a new era of mutual economic cooperation

India – UAE Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) is expected to be a game-changer. Both these countries enjoy close trade and cultural relationships historically.  Over millennia, India and the Arab world have maintained extensive trade and cultural ties. The west…

Management Opinion

Combating distorted thinking

The best tip off that we are using a distorted thinking style is the presence of negative emotions, such as feeling nervous, fed-up, frustrated or irritated. We feel disgusted with self; we play certain worries over and over like a broken record. We notice conflicts arising with friends or family. It is time to focus on what we are thinking. Our heart is always locked down inside our body and yet working with passion and compassion. Therefore, in the time of inevitable locked down period we shall analyze all our logic behind the distorted thinking.

2020: What is in for Retailers?

There’s no hiding the fact that the global retail environment, much like the rest of the world, has been beset by negative or flat growth and shrinking margins. Some have laid the blame on increased competition from the internet.

Pandemic crisis and economy: Adopting a Gandhian-Buddhist economic approach need of the hour

Pandemic crisis and economy: Adopting a Gandhian-Buddhist economic approach need of the hour .The economic and social costs of the pandemic are worrisome: Businesses, farming activities and even normal day to day life have been badly hit. When human interventions cross the limit, they can break the natural equilibrium. Shrinking forest cover, over depletion of natural resources, unlimited mining and quarrying have all taken a toll on our ecosystem.

Tough times never last, but tough people do!

Tough situations or times are temporary so it never last, but in normal situations or even in hardest situations some people never give up. So they are called as tough people who are highly dedicated and become tougher than the situations. In life difficult times never come knocking the door, it will always come out of the blue when you will be least expecting it or when you are least prepared to encounter. Let’s face it! People face various situations in life.

Post Corona economic recovery calls for rebuilding MSME sector

Corona crisis can turn to be a blessing in disguise for the MSME sector if it can trigger revival and resurgence of small industries and businesses.

Solar power can make SMEs sustainable

The MSME sector has a crucial role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And they account for around 25% of the annual energy consumption of the industrial sector as per the “Yes Institute Report” titled “Climate Change as a…

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