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Data Analytics for Small Business: Strategies for Competitive Advantage

“The internet says, on an average, 3.5 quintillion bytes of data is being generated daily so the urgency to harness this data is palpable.” In the dynamic world of business, data analytics is the lighthouse guiding SMEs and MSMEs through murky waters. It is not just about numbers and graphs; it is about transforming these figures into actionable insights, driving growth, innovation, and a competitive edge. However, as with all powerful tools, it is essential to wield data analytics with precision. This underscores the need for technical consultation, ensuring that while businesses soar to new heights, they remain grounded in robust strategies, minimizing risks and maximizing rewards. The future is data-driven; are you ready to embrace it?

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Khadi: the new corporate attire?

Khadi’s Unique Blend of Tradition and Sustainability: Discover how adopting Khadi as corporate attire not only showcases a commitment to Indian culture but also supports eco-friendly practices, preserving traditional craftsmanship and empowering local communities. Unlock the potential of sustainable fashion and responsible consumption with Khadi’s versatile and timeless appeal.

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BRICS Rising: The Multipolar World Order and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict: What to Expect in the Decade Ahead

the emergence of a multipolar world order, speeded up by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the influence of the BRICS nations, is expected to reshape the global landscape by the end of this decade. This shift in power dynamics is predicted to result in a stronger role for Russia, China, and India on the international stage, while the influence of the United States and Western Europe may weaken. This new world order holds significant implications for development, peace, and cooperation. The potential changes in the emerging world order will result in peace in the Middle East and South Asia, resource allocation collaboration among Russia, India, and China, accessible education and technology transfers, reforms in global institutions, and the return of Asian tech professionals. This new world order has the potential to bring peace, prosperity, and inclusive global cooperation.


Combating distorted thinking

The best tip off that we are using a distorted thinking style is the presence of negative emotions, such as feeling nervous, fed-up, frustrated or irritated. We feel disgusted with self; we play certain worries over and over like a broken record. We notice conflicts arising with friends or family. It is time to focus on what we are thinking. Our heart is always locked down inside our body and yet working with passion and compassion. Therefore, in the time of inevitable locked down period we shall analyze all our logic behind the distorted thinking.