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Data Analytics for Small Business: Strategies for Competitive Advantage

“The internet says, on an average, 3.5 quintillion bytes of data is being generated daily so the urgency to harness this data is palpable.” In the dynamic world of business, data analytics is the lighthouse guiding SMEs and MSMEs through murky waters. It is not just about numbers and graphs; it is about transforming these figures into actionable insights, driving growth, innovation, and a competitive edge. However, as with all powerful tools, it is essential to wield data analytics with precision. This underscores the need for technical consultation, ensuring that while businesses soar to new heights, they remain grounded in robust strategies, minimizing risks and maximizing rewards. The future is data-driven; are you ready to embrace it?

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Game-Changing Partnership to Supercharge SME Growth between Meydan Freezone of UAE and Aramex


In the dynamic landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where the economic ecosystem is evolving at an unprecedented pace, one partnership stands out as [more…]

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How to Buy a Struggling Business and Make It Successful

Many businesses have been struggling since the start of the pandemic. If you’re thinking about purchasing an existing business, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In this blog post, we will show you how to choose the right business, negotiate a price, set the business up for success, and more.

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Days of liberation struggle for Kerala entrepreneurs and farmers: Bishop Joseph Pamplany triggers the second liberation struggle in Kerala

ntrepreneurs of Kerala need opportunities to enhance their income by several times, with smart  agro-tech farming and  diversifying into processing and producing innovative food products that have demand in urban markets.While the 1991 reforms and its impact are felt across India, this is still not a reality in Kerala. This movement is a call to reform the political structure and replace the current ideology  with a new one.If farmers of Israel, Japan, Punjab, Haryana or Maharashtra can prosper why not those in  Kerala? Churches and BJP together take on the ideology that stifles businesses, investors, and manufacturing industries? Together they need to address the root causes of   trade union extremism, negative industrial climate and an atmosphere that works against development, creation of jobs and opportunities for the youth, farmers and others. When other states are performing well and creating job opportunities, why is it that Kerala is not?