WEBINAR on Tapping into the entrepreneurial wave: Opportunities for SMEs

IERD- Global SME News Webinar Series – 2

Tapping into the entrepreneurial wave: Opportunities for SMEs

Sunday: 27th September 2020:  6.30 PM

IERD-Global SME News webinar Series-2 will be held on 27th September 2020, 6.30 PM. The topic for the webinar is Tapping into the entrepreneurial wave: Opportunities for SMEs.

Through the current webinar series IERD- Global SME News is reaching out to SMEs, entrepreneurs, probable youth and women entrepreneurs.

The upcoming webinar slated to be held on 27th September 2020 will discuss some of the emerging business/entrepreneurial opportunities, digital/content marketing strategies for SMEs and how to identify growth opportunities in the new scenario.

Programme: Agenda

6.30Introduction and context:  Tapping into the entrepreneurial wave: Opportunities for SMEs  Dr. P. Koshy
6.45Emerging opportunities in environmental services and green enterprises  Amar Singh Yadav CEO & Founder of Aseries. Envirotek India Pvt. Ltd,
6. 52Technology intensive farming:Mr. Akhil Raj, Director, Project and Innovation Division, Arya Agri Solutions
7.00IT and Digital transformation in rural SMEsMr. Kalesh Prasad, CEO, LITeh
7.08Green business opportunity for SMEs: Battery recycling  clinicMr. Vignesh Jha, Director, Hum Shilpakar
7.20Identifying growth opportunities in the post-pandemic world: some strategies  Mr. K. S Ahluwalia, Founder and CEO, Excalibre
7.43Mastering digital marketing: a few tips for entrepreneursMr. Arwind Tewari, CEO and Founder Rehico Technologies
7.55Content marketing essentialsAnita Joseph Journalist and digital marketing professional
8.05Upskilling SME workforce through technologyMr. Jomon Cheriyan, CEO & Founder TASET Technical Academy Pvt. Ltd
8.12Discussion and Summing up 



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