Women Entrepreneurs Thrive Despite Challenges: Balancing Growth with Inclusion

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Women Entrepreneurs Thrive Despite Challenges: Balancing Growth with Inclusion

A report based on a recent survey conducted by TDW Media & Enterprise Institute highlights that work-life balance, access to capital, and inadequate supporting infrastructure and networks are among the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, warranting special attention.

A recent study conducted by TDW Media & Enterprise Institute unveils a dynamic and diverse landscape for women entrepreneurs, showcasing their resilience and ambition amid common challenges such as work-life balance and access to capital. The research findings are now available in the book titled “Women in Business, Technology & Management: Entrepreneurship, Gender, Diversity, and Innovation,” published by TDW Publishing.

The book, a collaborative effort featuring contributions from experts, scholars, and practitioners, delves into various facets of women’s contributions, challenges, and triumphs in traditionally male-dominated domains. It includes case studies and profiles of women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, offering a comprehensive picture of the global landscape of women entrepreneurship.

The survey on women entrepreneurial landscape 

Incorporating insights from a globally conducted survey that gathered responses from 122 women entrepreneurs, the book sheds light on the multifaceted challenges and opportunities faced by women in the entrepreneurial landscape. Despite obstacles, the study highlights the active pursuit of support systems by women entrepreneurs, with 78% engaging in mentorship programs and 67% participating in gender-specific business associations.

The report also emphasises a forward-looking approach to business growth, with 67% of respondents planning to expand into new markets and invest further in digital marketing. However, it identifies significant roadblocks, including market competition (67%) and talent acquisition and retention challenges (54%), underscoring the critical role of effective human resource management.

Addressing gender-specific challenges such as work-life balance and gender bias, the study calls for a more inclusive and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem. With 77% of respondents not currently participating in women entrepreneur networks, the findings reveal untapped potential for increased collaboration and community engagement, presenting an opportunity to enhance support structures for women entrepreneurs globally.

The book will be available on all platforms. 

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