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India Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Report 2021

India MSME Report 2021 is the 24th volume in the ‘MSMER Series’. The report put forward an independent and scholarly view of the state of India’s micro, small and medium enterprises on a yearly basis, and of the likely happenings for the future. The Report is being brought out under the ‘India MSME Communication Programme (IMCP)’ of the Institute. Initiated by the institute’s Knowledge Platform, ISED Small Enterprise Observatory (ISED-SEO). ISED says India MSME Report – MSMER Series –   is a tool that addresses the “invisibility syndrome” relating to the small enterprise economy.

The report observes that “the emerging new world order in 2022 is likely to be with the following features:  1) enhanced digitalization of transactions, under a ‘platform economy’ framework;2) a re-aligned ‘sharing economy’, geared to cost reduction at all levels; 3) formalization of labour flexibility under a legitimized gig economy model’; and 4) a hesitant pace of the Fourth Industrial revolution. The report says that there could be an acceleration in the process of transition to industry 4.0, implying a unique shift in labor-use, and the distribution of knowledge. Smart manufacturing and just in-time production are likely to drastically change the manufacturing landscape, despite the setbacks and disruption on the global value chains.

ISED through this report calls for instituting a ‘National Enterprise and Employment Commission’. India MSME Report is an evidence-based report. It’s being prepared after extensive consultation, data collection, research, and interactions with all the major MSME stakeholders in the country: entrepreneurs, Small enterprises and businesses, Industry associations & chambers, financial institutions, promotional agencies, consumers, and supporting NGOs working on SME sector. 

India Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Report 2021

ISED Small Enterprise Observatory

 Published by: Institute of Small Enterprises and Development

Series: MSMER

ISBN: 978-93-80830-91-9

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