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Khadi: the new corporate attire?

Khadi’s Unique Blend of Tradition and Sustainability: Discover how adopting Khadi as corporate attire not only showcases a commitment to Indian culture but also supports eco-friendly practices, preserving traditional craftsmanship and empowering local communities. Unlock the potential of sustainable fashion and responsible consumption with Khadi’s versatile and timeless appeal.

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Unlocking Farmer Prosperity: Strategies for Multiplying Income and Strengthening Market Linkages

Enhancing the income of farmer households is crucial for improving their living standards, welfare, providing quality education for their children, reduce agrarian distress and bring parity between income of farmers and those working in non-agricultural professions. A significant growth in farmer income is crucial for Indian farmers, given the detrimental effects of low and fluctuating farm income. To address these challenges, governments have taken various measures. One notable strategy receiving attention is the agenda of doubling farmer income (DFI). The Inter-Ministerial Committee’s recommendations focus on recognizing agriculture as a value-led enterprise(NITI policy paper No.1/2017).

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BRICS Rising: The Multipolar World Order and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict: What to Expect in the Decade Ahead

the emergence of a multipolar world order, speeded up by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the influence of the BRICS nations, is expected to reshape the global landscape by the end of this decade. This shift in power dynamics is predicted to result in a stronger role for Russia, China, and India on the international stage, while the influence of the United States and Western Europe may weaken. This new world order holds significant implications for development, peace, and cooperation. The potential changes in the emerging world order will result in peace in the Middle East and South Asia, resource allocation collaboration among Russia, India, and China, accessible education and technology transfers, reforms in global institutions, and the return of Asian tech professionals. This new world order has the potential to bring peace, prosperity, and inclusive global cooperation.

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Robots, AI and computers cannot replace the real human: The Entrepreneur

Robots, AI and computers cannot replace the real human: the entrepreneur.
With the growing influence of AI, robotics, and mechanisation, the human role is getting minimised. Mass-scale job-creating industries were already extinguished decades ago. Today, more and more jobs and roles are being affected, as well as the business model and the way production happens and services are delivered.