HUAWEI eKit to Empower Thai SMEs

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HUAWEI eKit to Empower Thai SMEs

In collaboration with gold distribution partners “VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.” and “Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited,” Huawei has unveiled its new sub-brand, ‘HUAWEI eKit’, specifically designed for the distribution business. This initiative aims to enhance the digital capabilities of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand and support their growth in the era of digital and intelligent transformation

HUAWEI eKit has developed a comprehensive suite of products tailored for various SME scenarios, including offices, hotels, hospitals, real estate, and retail businesses. In the datacom campus domain, HUAWEI eKit introduced 31 new SME network products in 2023, featuring industry-leading performance in converged gateways, user-friendly switches, easy-to-deploy WLAN products with 20% broader coverage, and one-stop service applications that streamline O&M for partners and customers.

Leveraging IdeaHub, HUAWEI eKit delivers smart and secure conferencing and daily office collaboration experiences. Distribution partners are utilizing IdeaHub’s open ecosystem to apply it across various industries, including retail, hospitals, and hotels, unlocking new market opportunities.

HUAWEI eKit also serves as a critical platform to enhance business operation efficiency for distribution channels. It provides comprehensive support in the form of product information, installation guidance, maintenance support, operational guidelines, and product utilization insights for various SME scenarios.

With the introduction of HUAWEI eKit, Huawei reaffirms its commitment to empowering Thai SMEs with innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions, enabling them to thrive in the digital era.

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