Navigating the new normal: a post-COVID approach for SMEs

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Navigating the new normal: a post-COVID approach for SMEs

IERD-Global SME News Webinar Series

Thursday, 27th August 2020, 7.15 to 8.15 pm (ISD)


Mr. Vignesh Jha: Maximizing rural industry potential

 Mr.K. S Alhuwalia: Doubling business growth: some key strategies 

Ms. Anita Joseph: Turn around the numbers: a fresh approach to digital marketing 

Moderator: Dr. P. Koshy

About the webinar

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted us all in different ways. Businesses have been hit and livelihoods lost for millions the world over. Indeed, the economic crisis that we now experience is unparalleled in our collective memory. But for those of us who are resilient, we view the crisis as an opportunity to embrace a challenge.

Small and micro businesses and entrepreneurs are a particular segment known to stay afloat when difficulties arise. And so it’s time for entrepreneurs, small businesses as well as organizations of all types to reinvent and find meaning in their mission and purpose. If we look properly, we’ll see that in the midst of the pandemic, there is great potential for diversification and innovation at this point. This webinar is an attempt to bring together experts and entrepreneurs from different fields to share their insights on making sense of the new scenario and to help businesses reinvent themselves. 

Who should participate:

  • SMEs
  • Startups 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers 

Why should you attend? 

This webinar is an initiative to help businesses navigate the current conundrum. Learn from the expert panel how to grow your business and keep it afloat; how to identify and make use of the resources you have to attain success and how to market your business in the ever-growing digital world. This webinar is expected to help the participants gain fresh perspective and see light where none exists. Join us on this unique journey!

How to participate/Register?

In order to participate in the webinar, one has to register. The link will be shared to those who register themselves. This is a free webinar, however, registration is mandatory.


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