Change your thoughts, Change your life.

Book Review: As A Man Thinketh Our thoughts and the way we shape them determine the kind of life we will lead. Our life can be happy, just satisfactory, or sad based on the nature of our thoughts. Change your…

Role Induced Stress

A very common form of stress which has raised its head in recent time is stress-induced due to one’s role. There was once a famous movie actor, well known as one of the best of all time and he was…

Tough times never last, but tough people do!

Tough situations or times are temporary so it never last, but in normal situations or even in hardest situations some people never give up. So they are called as tough people who are highly dedicated and become tougher than the situations. In life difficult times never come knocking the door, it will always come out of the blue when you will be least expecting it or when you are least prepared to encounter. Let’s face it! People face various situations in life.

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