Disruptive New- Normal & Survival Strategies

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India MSME Report 2021 Released 

India MSME Report 20201 is the Twenty- fourth volume of India’s comprehensive Annual Review on MSMEs. This is being brought out since 1997 by ISED- Small Enterprise Observatory (ISED-SEO), Institute of Small Enterprises and Development, Kochi, Kerala, India. India MSME Report 2021 focuses on disruptive New Normal & Survival Strategies. The report was released at MSME Day Meet organized by ISED-SEO Small Enterprise Observatory on 28 June 2021. The report was released by Prof. Kamal Kabra.

The report was released at the MSME Day Meet organized by ISED-SEO Small Enterprise Observatory on 28 June 2021. The report was released by Prof. Kamal Kabra.This comprehensive Report, brought out by the ISED Small Enterprise Observatory as part of the India MSME Communication Programme(IMCP) of the Institute, is facilitated by the ever-growing and widening participation and enthusiasm of its National Partnership Network(NPN). 

International day of SMEs 

Every year June 27 is being celebrated as international MSME Day since 2017 by recognizing the importance of small enterprises in promoting innovation, creativity and decent work for all – and achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The UN General Assembly declared 27 June to be Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day by adopting resolution 71/279. The Global MSME  Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance to supporting the development of small and medium-sized businesses in developing countries but it is also a celebration of the gigantic contribution smaller companies make to the global economy, often away from the spotlight.

India MSME Report 2021: Disruptive New- Normal & Survival Strategies

The role of micro, small and medium enterprises in the Indian economy has been widely debated. The ‘India MSME Report Series (MSMER Series)’, since 1997, has been the torch bearer of this debate. This twenty-fourth Report deals with the theme, “Disruptive New- Normal & Survival Strategies” said Dr. P Mathew Director of the Institute. The report is based on extensive research, primary data and inputs derived from interactions with MSMEs, entrepreneurs, SME associations, Financial institutions, Consumers and Community organizations on a pan India basis by ISED- Small Enterprise Observatory. 

Disruptive New- Normal & Survival Strategies

The ongoing Pandemic, Covid- 19, brings to light both the strengths and weaknesses of India’s huge MSME constituency and indicates that the country still has critical gaps in the areas of economic governance and public policy. The evidence-based policy holds the key for the country’s march forward. 

 Over the years, the MSMER Series has gained its significant credibility and influence in policy circles. While the Indian economy has gained a proud position within the club of Emerging Economies, it still needs to do a lot of homework to consolidate its position relating to the MSMEs.

India’s only comprehensive Annual Review on MSMEs

India MSME Report is an important research contribution about the MSME sector, which would be particularly relevant for entrepreneurs, MSME associations, researchers,  financial institutions, management schools, promotional agencies, government departments, and all others who are concerned with and are enthusiastic about MSMEs and their role in the economy. Its a review, policy analysis, analysis of SME trends in terms of technology, data, innovation and markets and also gives a roadmap both for policymakers, entrepreneurs, SME bodies as well as researchers.

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