Dubai, the region’s fashion-forward capital: Ahmed Khalfan Yasin

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“Millennial and Gen-Z entrepreneurs of the Middle East are trendsetters in their own right!”

Culture, fashion, trends-these are the new buzzwords for today’s lifestyle youth entrepreneurs. Style-conscious, trendy and fearlessly maverick, their tastes and preferences vary and keep changing with the changing times. The millennial and Gen-Z entrepreneurs of the Middle East are no different. They are trendsetters in their own right. However, the lifestyle and habits that they adopt may not be easily comprehended by the earlier demographic cohorts, according to the CEO of Dubai’s MK Fashions, Mr Ahmed Khalfan Yasin, who is also a well-known fashion and trends expert. 

Ahmed Khalfan Yasin


Tapping the emerging market is indeed a challenge. Mr. Ahmed Khalfan Yasin says it’s important to be passionate about the business segment in which an entrepreneur focuses. As an entrepreneur, one has tobe an expert in one’s field of business. Also, the entrepreneur has to be  passionate about the business: he/she has to dream  and live in it. Here the entrepreneurial battle is half-won, says Ahmed Yasin.

Markets around the world are slowly bouncing back after the Covid-19 shock. Vaccines have restored public confidence. People want to go out as before, chill out and explore life as they used to, earlier. While new-age digital technologies can facilitate work from home. But it needs to be appliable to all employee segments, businesses and people. A vast majority of economic activities need physical human presence and are labour intensive. Community and social activities despite social distancing is an essential part of our life even today. Ahmed Khalfan says, even if the new normal prevails, people need to look good, groom themselves and look fashionable and trendy.

According to him, the post-oil phase of economic development of the UAE has significant opportunities for entrepreneurs like him. Dubai, with its growing tourist potential, culture, lifestyle and fashion trends, is focused on enterprises that are expected to witness significant growth.

Burj Khalifa: Dubai

Dubai in UAE, while is known as the most happening place in the region, it is also renowned for its traditional values of hospitality and an enterprise-friendly business ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs. Khalfan points out that his journey as an entrepreneur is extremely fulfilling and that it has significantly expanded his life’s horizons and opened up a world of possibilities. 

He says: “Our success is a committed team of equally passionate fashion experts. We consider ourselves a family. We help grasp new trends and fashions based on a lot of research and interaction with the new generation and other demographic cohorts. This helps us introduce new fashion concepts and innovative style patterns  to our clients.”

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